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“For every activity there is a certain appropriate scale. What scale is appropriate? It depends on what we are trying to do”.

– (Schumacher 2011:50)

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Netcad Solution Limited® (NSL©) is solving the big problems of Complexity, Resilience, Decisions and Outcomes which happen to be at the core of today and tomorrow’s issues in Africa. – Apanisile Samuel Temitope, Founder of Netcad Solution Limited®

We commenced operations in 2007 as a commodity trading advisor and commodity markets field information aggregator. Now, we leverage a tail- computing technology that even provides real time actionable market intelligence to inform wiser decision making, strategy development and execution. We offer business, education and market development support services to elevate everyone in the African business value and supply chain to sagaciously reason and trade in an uncertain world.

Hence, Netcad Solution Limited® is a quantitative complexity and resilience management and advisory firm that relies on rigorous research and training to build thoughtful, risk managed strategies to achieve well-defined objectives across any market situations.

At NSL© we act on the wisdom that Good Advisors find Fragility. Great Advisors keep Resilience! Netcad Solution Limited® is both GOOD & GREAT. – Apanisile Samuel Temitope

A Better Science and Analytical Tool for Resilient Business Outcomes in the Increasing Unknowns of the 21st Century

No matter your size or sector, our world has changed and you may be experiencing one or more of the following undesirable impacts:

  • Complex Uncertainty is plaguing your current situation
  • Competition is fiercer than ever and threatens your future
  • You don’t know and can’t find your business and project’s leverage point
  • Your people’s competencies and talents achieve less than you know they could
  • You have internal barriers or silos preventing flow
  • Time to market of new products and services is too slow
  • You can’t grow your market share in new and existing markets
  • You struggle to bring the solution you provide your customers to full fruition
  • You can’t see how to scale up in a seamless way and you don’t know how to uncover hidden profits
    If you are experiencing any of these undesirable impacts, we can help you reduce the main but subtle cause which is Complexity. Even though complexity is a necessary consideration when working to maximize the efficiency and success of a business through unknown unknowns, it must continuously be kept from being too high and too low. For this, traditional linear thinking/analytics, probability approaches, and model-based tools are ill-equipped for the kind of uncertainty rising all over the world, in Africa, vis a vis the fat-tail risks brewing on a daily basis.
Netcad Solution Limited® is powered by Ontonix® for the region of Africa to exclusively advance the operationalization of her Quantitative Complexity, Fragility Analysis, and Resilience Rating. We don’t score nor give opinions on complexity, fragility, and resilience, we actually map, measure, manage and monitor these properties of your corporations.

In Africa, we shouldn’t be fooled anymore by reports of good financial performance, and qualitative scores of political, economic, and business governances which over time had led to poor decisions, biased actions, sudden and unintended and unfavorable outcomes. Many private and public corporations across Africa, look, talk, and act the part but have underlying health conditions. Samuel Temitope Apanisile of NSL© often says performance breaks down when structure breaks down. Dr. Jacek Marczyk the founder of Ontonix® often stresses this critical question- how complex, resilient and fragile is your business, can you afford not to know?

Any corporation that refuses to scientifically, systemically, quantitatively, and objectively measure and manage complexity would find it very difficult to achieve its strategic objectives and excel in key outcome areas of financial performance, marketplace positioning, employee engagement, and societal contribution in today and tomorrow’s world.

Our mission, for over 15 years, has been to promote world-class quantitative “risk” solutions for business, economic and political leaders/managers to make resilient and antifragile decisions at all levels as they continuously understand the dynamics of their organization in order to qualitatively improve healthy ecosystems with the power of theory and data.

Are you anywhere in Africa, Contact us today at:;; for any of the following Ontonix® solutions;

i. Enterprise Deep Uncertainty, Risk, Resilience Analysis, and Rating for better adaptive decisions, strategies, policies, executions,and outcomes.

ii. Quantitative Complexity analysis and management to successfully manage projects, investment portfolios, economies, and early warning signals for markets in a brittle, anxious, nonlinear, and incomprehensible- BANIworld.

iii. Situational awareness and Anomaly detection beyond machine learning.

iv. Measuring sustainability and informing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) decisions.

v. Adaptive Cybersecurity through black and white swan events.

vi. And any other areas your corporation is challenged.

Apanisile Samuel Temitope is the Founder of Netcad Solution Limited® and also the Africa Regional Partner of Ontonix®S.r.lwhich is the first company in the world to objectively develop and operationalize Quantitative Complexity, Fragility, and Resilience Assessment, Management Theory and Tool. Samuel is a collaborative and self-driven professional with a result-oriented attitude aimed at improving the business economics of any organization. Samuel Temitope Apanisile daily supports professionals in making evidence-based resilient and adaptive decisions that can survive across unknown unknowns.

He is experienced in evaluating the level of complex uncertainty and where fat tail-risk is building in an organization, investment portfolio, projects, cybersecurity systems, health systems, financial markets, economy, and so on. As long as required data is available, Samuel is powered by Ontonix® to quantitatively offer requisite systemic risk-informed decisions and strategic actions. He is promoting and educating decision makers across Africa with the wide use of Ontonix® solutions for self-business complexity assessment, anomaly anticipation beyond machine learning, and resilience rating.

Samuel is a regular speaker at the Global Risk Beyond Conference organized by the Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA). He’s a regular trainer for the American Academy of Project Management (AAPM) on project management under complex uncertainty.  Samuel Temitope is also a regular trainer for the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM) on Behavioral wealth management, behavioral economics, and behavioral portfolio management. In the past, he’d successfully been engaged by the Chartered Institute of Bankers, Nigeria (CIBN) to train on the Strategy to Measure and Manage Operational Risk for Banks.

He holds a B.Sc. Degree in Accounting, A Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA). He is a professional certification holder of Master Project Manager (MPM), Accredited Management Accountant (AMA), Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional (ERMCP), and an Associate Commodity Broker of the Commodities Brokers Association of Nigeria (CBAN). Samuel has a Master of Science in Finance and he is currently completing his PhD Business Administration (Complexity Science and Management) degree.


P: +2348023054799, +2347036584869


  • Deep Uncertainty, Complexity, and Resilience Analysis
  • Strategic Foresight and Management
  • Risk Decision Making and Business Development
  • Management Training

"Run a way from those advisors, managers and traders who only run  on one -dimensional track of upsides. Winning in life is through protecting the downsides. It's all about surviving threats & exploiting opportunities".

- Samuel Temitope Apanisile CCRO.

Our CCRO (Chief Commodity Risk Officer) has over 12 years expertise as a Licensed Commodity Field Broker on the Nigerian Commodity Exchange (NSE), Licensed Corporate Investment Adviser under W.O Capital Ltd by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for capital markets.

He is currently serving as:

- The West African Director of Enterprise Risk Management Academy (ERMA)
- The Nigerian Director of-  Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM), & American Academy of Project Management (AAPM). 

Mr Samuel Temitope Apanisile holds the following academic qualification and professional certifications:

- MBA Business Administration
- Enterprise Risk Management Certified Professional (ERMCP)
- Accredited Management Accountant (AMA)
- Master Project Manager (MPM)
- Associate Certified Investment Manager and Financial Analyst (ACIMFA) and
- Associate of the Commodity Brokers Association of Nigeria (ACB)


...tail- computing enabled aggregator of market intelligence to inform wiser decision making, strategy development and execution.
Risk means more things can happen than will happen. Commodity trading and investment returns are laudable yet are often affected by more things that could cause more pain or more gain. How do you have more asymmetrical returns? At NSL, we help you objectively achieve insight by pre-experiencing these more things that are unknown to you with evidence to inform your commodity trading and investment decisions & execution, so that you end up having more gains and less pains under both very low volatility and very high volatility market situations. With Netcad Solution Limited, Volatility isn't your enemy but your enabler.
Commodity trading and investment require superb research and logic. Unfortunately, most researches are thin-tailed and most logic engaged are just simplistic and linear. At NSL, we bring back fat-tailed researches enriched with convexity logics. These help you to be more robust and flourish even in the unknown unknowns. With Netcad Solution Limited, you're always better than the rest.
Don't be surprised that information, knowledge and intelligence might fail you when dealing with simple and complex commodities in our complex world; but WISDOM CAN NEVER FAIL YOU. With Netcad Solution Limited, we help you create the requisite wisdom you need to handle your simple and complex commodities with objectivity and evidence, everytime.
In our commodity trading advisory services at Netcad Solution Limited, we do not use classical analytical approaches that only see & report on the parts. Our approaches are highly risk-based, producing counterintuitive wisdom that helps our clients see what others are not seeing and achieving more extraordinary (returns that are robust across several market conditions) than what others can achieve. With Netcad Solution Limited, our commodity trading and investment advisory processes help you resolve and overcome your uncertainties, biases, blindspots, false negatives, false positives, near misses etc.
We sincerely know what losses and gains feel like. At Netcad Solution Limited, we help you prevent the potentials of losses and maximize the potentials of gains so you can once again enjoy robust commodity trading and investment returns in our deeply messy and complex business world. With Netcad Solution Limited you have a Nigeria Commodity Exchange regulated -field brokerage firm, professional & ethics- inclined qualified commodity brokers, portfolio managers, management accountants and master project managers who know the implication of losses and gains, and also believe that losses are more informational than gains, yet use such insight & foresight to move you (our client) from loss positions to gainful positions by helping you generate options, faster.
A business can have a great financial performance and at the same time be fragile.
Measure risk in an innovative fashion.
Many businesses are fragile today but they don't know.
A fragile business may be thriving but suddenly deliver surprising behaviour. There are many examples.
The opposite of resilience is fragility.
Resilience measures the ability of a firm to withstand shocks.
Today shocks are frequent in our economy.
Use resilience as a new business KPI.
In essence, resilience measures how a business can survive turbulence.
Measure the resilience and stability of your business.
Why shouldn't resilience rating be a commodity?
Rank business parameters in a natural way.
How strong and weak is your internal business dynamics to exploit opportunities and defend against threats?
Understand and view the relationships between business parameters and business structure.
Anticipate problems and opportunities before they materialize.
In turbulent economy, making decisions quickly is key towards survival.

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  • Intrinsic KPIs – obtain new and “natural” KPIs for your business
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ReDefining Loss Prevention & Gain Expansion in the unknown unknowns through the power of Convexity Computing.